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Adopt a Beehive

Adopt a Beehive


Share an adopted hive with up to three other people (non-business only) for £75 a year.
Adopt a single beehive for one year for £250 (Personal and business welcome).

Adopt a hive for LIFE for £650. (Personal and business welcome).


Almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of crops depend on pollination. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on bees, but they're losing their habitat, suffering from disease, growing pesticide use, and their numbers are falling rapidly. That's why we're looking for businesses and individuals who want to make a positive impact on our environment by helping us grow our Highland apiary and increase bee numbers.


Your donation will be used to buy a new hive and a colony of bees, beekeeping equipment, and will contribute towards the upkeep of our apiary so that we can give your bees the best possible conditions to thrive in their Highland surroundings. 


Once you've adopted a hive you'll receive these exclusive gifts;

  • A personal beehive adoption certificate.

  • A 30cm x 20cm plaque with your name, logo, or own design, attached to your hive.

  • A selection of high-resolution, licence-free images of your branded adopted hive, with your plaque attached that you are free to share on your own website and social media.

  • Your adopted hive and plaque will also feature on our YouTube vlogs and social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and YouTube Community.

  • We'll send you a jar of honey from your adopted hive's first available batch*.

  • We'll say a personal thank you on our YouTube vlogs and social media for adopting a hive.​



If you choose to adopt a hive for life, we'll send you a jar of honey from your adopted hive every year (when available). PLUS, we'll invite you to visit your hive here in Highland Scotland, where you can put on a protective suit and get close to your bees, take photos, ask questions, and see how your adopted hive works. 


We'll be in touch within a few days of your adoption to organise your plaque and details to send your certificate, images, and honey, so please ensure you enter an email address we can use to contact you. 


*It might be several months before your hive produces honey that is available for harvest.

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