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Sun, Sea, and Narrowboats. More questions than answers!

Let's get this blog off to a happy, positive start... I've never really enjoyed holidays!

Don't get me wrong. The landscape was beautiful, the weather was perfect (if not just a bit too hot), and the food... well, the food was mostly British (The local shop sold Oreos!).

I get a bit too stressed about everything from leaving the house to arriving at the destination. Car park, check-in, lounge, departure gate, boarding, flying, landing, passport control, luggage, hire car, finding our way to the villa; It's all a stressful load of faff!

Shaun on the other hand is the complete opposite. He loves everything about it, from the moment we leave the house to the moment we arrive back. He's like an excited child!

Vlogging in the Andalusian Heat

In my head, being isolated out in the Andalusian hills with the sun blazing down, it should be heaven. Should be. The problem is I get homesick. I also attract noisy neighbours. People who think it's right and fair to play rock music at the highest level across the entire valley. So it kinda spoils things for me. I'm too sensitive to it all.

Day trip to Malaga

We'd left for Spain less than 24 hours after our house went on the market. If I'm honest, we were expecting endless phone calls and appointments for viewings while we were away.

It was a bit of a shock when this didn't happen! Not a single phone call, although the estate agent did manage to set off our house alarm while we were gone!

Back at the villa and Shaun was taking advantage of the (very intermittent) Internet to scour the brokerages and boat builders, continuing our search for the boat we dreamed of!

In between jumping in the pool to cool down and drinking copious amounts of lager (Shaun) and Cherry Coke (me), we made some more appointments for when we got back.

The big question for us at this point is do we buy a new or used narrowboat? Both have positive and negatives, although I think we know that our budget will only allow for a decent used boat, we still would both prefer a new boat if it were possible.

But for now, I am under orders to try and relax, enjoy the sunshine, and use the rare opportunity of free time to get some more of my book written. It's supposed to be ready for the end of 2018. (Looks at what I've written so far). That's not gonna happen at this rate!

You can watch the vlog by Clicking Here

See you next time!


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