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Welcome to Behind the Vlog!

Hi. I'm Colin, and I'll be taking you behind the vlog. It's a bit like when you watch a movie and then at the end of the DVD you see 'The making of'. Here's where you'll find all the gubbins behind the vlogs. Gubbins....? Hmmmm, miscellaneous things. Enjoy!

Just in case you meet us on the cut. Shaun (left) and Colin (right).

So, we've decided to buy a narrowboat (again). It's the second time we've done this, and (hopefully) we've learned some valuable lessons from last time. Not that we did anything too badly wrong. No, it was a combination of bad luck, poor timing, an undiagnosed medical condition, and a small matter of a sinking boat!

Ha ha... don't take that last comment too literally!

Shaun and I have made a decision to change the way we work, sell our home of the last twelve years and buy a narrowboat. This blog (behind the vlog) will share our thoughts, ideas, experiences, arguments, accidents, fights, laughs and everything else that happens as the weeks go on.

Chilling on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal on the early May Bank Holiday

We'd love it if you subscribed to our YouTube channel. You can access it by Clicking Here.

See you next time!


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