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Don't Crash Your Narrowboat Into Canal Locks - Here's Why!

Don't crash your narrowboat into canal locks - here's why! If you crash your narrowboat into canal locks it pretty much destroys your blacking paintwork! We set off from Nantwich on the Shropshire Union Canal and stop off at Hack Green to visit the secret nuclear bunker, so secret in fact that they won't let us in (it was closed) 😂 (Watch out for fuel boat Halsall!) We carry on to Audlem where the by-washes between the lock pounds are pretty fierce. So fierce that they smash narrowboat Silver Fox into the sides of the lock entrances, damaging the paintwork and making Shaun swear! After a few days in Audlem, we move on, through the Adderley Locks and towards Market Drayton where it's third time lucky after mooring one was dog poo city and mooring two was generator city! We finally find somewhere quiet, just after Talbot Wharf and the aqueduct where we moor up for a few days. Living on a narrowboat in winter is so cozy!

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