A Trip To Ortomarine Boats

After our visit a few days ago to ABNB Brokerage at Crick, we took another look at our finances, had a long chat about all the used boats we'd seen and finally decided that we were looking for a new narrowboat, or to have a new one built for us.

A few weeks ago at the Crick Boat Show we saw Ortomarine's new narrowboat 'Sloop John T' (Strangest name at the show) and we loved it, so we arranged a trip to see a couple of their other new-build boats at Droitwich Spa Marina.

On the stern of Ortomarine's new boat 'Mokoro'.

We'd already met Caroline and Rob at the Crick Boat Show, and it was really nice to see them again on this hot summer's day in Droitwich. The marina is just up the road from where we bought our very first narrowboat fourteen years ago, and it felt a bit strange revisiting the area after so long.

Ortomarine's two boats here at Droitwich had only recently been launched. Neither were built purposely as liveaboards for continuous cruising, but they were a great indicator of the quality and design that we'd seen on the Crick boat.