Ten Years Of Crazy!

2019 Marks a very special anniversary for me. It's ten years since I began a series of hardcore fundraising challenges for charity. I've cycled the length and breadth of the UK, stripped naked in deep snow, jumped from an airplane, organised a community to walk together, run more miles than I can remember, and I also smashed a world record.

I've lost count of how much I've raised over the last decade, but it's in the tens of thousands of Pounds, which makes me smile everytime I picture it as a pile of cash being delivered to the charities I've supported.

In the beginning...

Back in 2009 it began with a walk in memory of Shaun's mum, Brenda, who died a few years ago from Motor Neurone Disease. We met in our local town precinct and walked through three towns, collecting money in buckets.

Our Walk to D'Feet MND