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Which is the BEST Composting Toilet? How to install a Composting Toilet on a Narrowboat.

There's so many to choose from, but which is the best composting toilet? In this vlog, we'll show you how to install a composting toilet on a narrowboat without the need for drilling ventilation holes in the steelwork, and how a composting toilet works. We've had a cassette toilet, a pump-out, and we think incinerating toilets (Cinderella toilets) are way too expensive and wasteful with energy, so we've been hunting down the best composting toilet for narrowboat Silver Fox. In this episode, we'll answer just what is a composting toilet, show you how to disconnect and remove our Thetford C260 Cassette Toilet and install our brand new Compost Toilet from Compoost Toilets in the UK, and a review of our composting toilet.

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